Conquer your finances with Frost

Paycheque evaporating faster than snow on a hot day? Finances feeling hot and sluggish?

Meet Frost, the e-money account that puts the breeze back into managing your money.

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Put the freeze on your bills

Stop paying over the odds for gas and leccy. Set direct debits, get alerts about cheaper tariffs, and switch energy providers with ease. Who said you can’t crank up the heating and still feel cool?

Sweat-free account opening

No appointments. No queues. No stress. Get a UK account number, sort code, and IBAN online in minutes, plus a beautiful frosted debit card you can connect to digital wallets and start using straight away.

Money that doesn’t melt away

Get instant notifications and detailed spending insights that show you when you’re on thin ice, set goals to build your slush fund, and keep your finances in the blue, err… black

Easy breezy payments

Pay or get paid from other Frost accounts in seconds using only your phone number, make local transfers instantly, and send money abroad for fees lower than a beginners’ ski slope 

Glide away on holiday like...

Exchange foreign currency at the inter-bank rate, plus a small fee, and pay your way like a local when you’re travelling abroad

Grab a slushie (or a frozen margarita). Kick back. Relax. 

Your money’s cool, with Frost.

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